How To Make Your Own Desktop Toybox

Posted on January 26th, 2017

If you have our “Make your own desktop toybox” flyer, from it you can create a small box that you can use for staples, memory cards and all other small office tools. This video will show you how to fold the flyer into a box.

To make desktop toybox you don’t need any tools. However, if you use ruler or any other hard and straight item (book with hard covers can do) to fold the flyer according to schematics printed on it, your desktop toybox will be much nicer, sturdy and robust.

Story of Smart Toybox

Most parents face the same problem: toys all over the floor all around the house. But why?
The reason is that picking up toys is boring to kids. That is why we’ve invented Smart Toybox that makes cleaning up the toys FUN. We didn’t want to create a robot that would just pick up the toys, because we believe it is important to teach children to do this themselves and develop healthy tidiness habits early in life.

Smart Toybox is a toy box that giggles, sings, calls kids to feed it with toys and makes funny sounds when toys are put inside it. It is also Wi-Fi connected so it can easily be customized using mobile device. We know kids get bored by toys very fast, so we made it possible to change or create new games and sound themes and share experience with friends. Also, multiple toy boxes can work together to create different games, such as learning left and right, throwing a ball and similar. This way Smart Toybox can stay fresh and exciting to kids for a long time.


Posted on December 26th, 2016

toy trade show

We will be exhibiting at the world’s leading trade fair for toys in Nuremberg, the spielwarenmesse®, 1 – 6 February 2017.

Please contact us to make an appointment and arrange your ticket to enter the exhibition.

We are looking forward to meeting you on our stand.

Hall: 3A
Stand: C-20

1 February 2017 to 6 February 2017
67th Spielwarenmesse
International Toy Fair
Nürnberg, Germany

Play is Everything

Posted on October 17th, 2016

2433_1097220505600_6827_nOur children grow up fast, and what we all want is them to become happy, creative and successful people who will be able to face with smile, ease and responsibility all the challenges that life will throw their way. We’re doing everything we can for them, encouraging them to participate in sport activities and to learn foreign languages, motivate them to do better in school and to reach their full potential. Although they cannot understand that because they are still young, life is made of a variety of obligations that we take on and try to fulfil. To be able to cope with the responsibilities and tasks that life will put upon them, it is important that they begin to learn from an early age what it means to assume a duty, even a smallest one, and carry it out. That small effort will become the cornerstone of their future working habits, devotion and their success. We know that very well, but we also know that children respond poorly to the obligations, particularly those imposed on them. Why is it so? … [Read more]

Crowdfunding: Why it Matters

Posted on September 1st, 2016


Over the last several years crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way for people to support great ideas. As its name says, it is the way to raise money online and fund a project from many individual supporters. It allows creators to make their ideas a reality with the power of the crowd. The public can back the idea with pledges of money in return for ‘rewards’ that reflect the money contributed.

So, why should you participate?  … [Read more]

Startups: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get On Board

Posted on August 16th, 2016

By now, startups have become a household topic, expanding more and more every day. However, people still don’t quite understand what it means to work in a startup company, and why one might choose to work there rather than a big corporation that offers more security.

Here are a few of the reasons we love working in a startup company: … [Read more]

Fun for the Whole Family

Posted on July 28th, 2016

The idea of toys has been unchanged for a while, and that is that toys are a form of entertainment for children, and that’s all. However, more and more, especially with the latest technologies, toys are becoming a source of entertainment for people of all ages!

We believe fun shouldn’t be limited by age, and that with the right mindset, one can make fun of any situation. Our smart features are hard to resist when it comes to playing.

Check out our video to see what we mean: … [Read more]

The Future of Toys

Posted on May 30th, 2016

The toy industry has been long overdue in the tech department. Starting with Furbys, the little robotlike toys that, while being all the rage at the time, had a lot of faults. In the last two decades, smart toys have started developing more and more, becoming a must-have for all parents and kids.


The general misconception about smart toys is the idea that the children who play with them will become smarter. Certain toys can be beneficial for your child and their development, however, that does not make them „smart“, since they do not possess any on-board intelligence. The main feature that sets them apart is on-board intelligence that is integrated into the play experience so that it simulates actual human-like intelligence. … [Read more]


Posted on May 24th, 2016


Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and design techniques to engage and motivate an individual to achieve their goals. It is the process of taking something that already exists – a website, an app, or in our case, a toy box – and turning it into a game to motivate one into participation and engagement.

While our Smart Toybox engages children into playing with fun sounds and educational games, what really matters is that they don’t even realize the healthy habits they are forming that will last them a lifetime. So, not only does it help the parents if their kids are cleaning up after themselves, it also strikes deep with the child, allowing them to feel status and achievement so early on, creating that ambition early in the childhood.

That’s why, for a product such as ours, the process of gamification is so important — not only does it engage children with the toy by making it fun, through that it creates healthy habits from an early age. We have also decided to go one step further and advance our gamification with IoT (the Internet of Things), making it very easy to customize the Smart Toybox to your exact liking, but we will go into further detail about the IoT of Smart Toybox in the next post.

Smart Features

Posted on May 21st, 2016

What makes Smart Toybox different from other toy boxes out there are its special „smart“ features.
One of those features would be that it turns cleaning the room into a fun game, because all you need to do is press the button and the game begins. It gives kids encouraging messages to keep putting toys inside, as well as making laughing and giggling noises throughout the game, making the cleaning process fun, and not your child’s worst nightmare.

toy box

While it comes with a set of sounds it produces, we have thought about your potential needs and have therefore incorporated in the Smart Toybox the ability to connect to WiFi, so you could download and transfer fun new sounds of your choosing with your mobile phone.

Even when the game is finished, the Smart Toybox can still produce sounds, like when you pick it up and it starts laughing or gets sad when you put it away. While the Smart Toybox is a perfect blend of utility and fun, it doesn’t only have to be for kids, as it very easily becomes everyone’s new favorite game! :)

Leave your email on our website for a chance to win one free Smart Toybox!

throwing the ball

Smart Toybox in Zabavnik

Posted on May 10th, 2016


Politikin Zabavnik is a popular magazine in Serbia, published by Politika Newspapers and Magazines.It’s a magazine that has been going strong since 1939, and had raised generations of geeks of the today’s world and recently our Smart Toybox was featured in a two page article.

– Jelena Petra Marković:

Each Friday morning I would hurry to the store to get the new Zabavnik. I wouldn’t even peek into the comic on the back cover, I would prolong the excitement until I would finally be alone at my room, ready to open the first page. And inside… Inside was a portal to the new wonders and unseen worlds, to magics of science and science fiction, life mysteries, stories from Middle West and from our history and stories from the best writers in the World. I would sit and read for hours, and the only problem was that by the end of the next day, I would be left without a single unread word. I would have to patiently wait for the next Friday.

– Nebojša Sumrak:

From early childhood “Politikin Zabavnik” was my window to interesting, exciting and nerdy worlds. In the time before Internet you could find stuff about space, planets and comets; You could find a range of comics from Disney (one of the first licensors in this part of the Europe) up to the more alternate comics such as “Hägar the Horrible” and “Dennis the Menace”; And, of course, my favorite part, you could find news about upcoming computers and electronic devices.
But the most impressive stuff I’ve seen in “Politikin Zabavnik” in 1980’s was 3D comics. It was packaged with glasses that had red and blue filters, before “Shark 3D” moved equivalent 3D technology into the movies. I immediately teamed with my friend to hack this magnificent tech so we made program on Commodore 64 that drew some shapes with red and blue lines which would magically gain depth of a real world when you put glasses from “Zabavnik”. This brought a “wow” effect with inevitable smile and, of course, admiration of friends and family.
This might even be one of “those” important moments that led me to present day in which I am creating Smart Toybox with my team mates, an innovative device that makes cleaning the room fun, and “Politikin Zabavnik” is writing about it. I hope that some new kids are reading about it as Smart Toybox can inspire them for some big new things they will achieve in the future.

– Vladimir Perić:

“Zabavnik” is a first magazine I had ask my parents to buy to me, and first one I have bought by my self. Trough it I have come in contact with wild beasts of Africa, planets of Solar System… “Zabavnik” was and still is, to this date children’s window to nature science, technology and universe.

– Mina Todorović :

Reading the Zabavnik was somewhat of a rite of passage for me, as it became a family tradition, because it is a magazine that both me, my sister and my dad could read, which is not something one finds very often. It has everything you could need, from comic books, to science, history and real stories. It is a newspaper you get immersed in, and even want to come up for air. That’s why it was amazing seeing a product I feel very passionately about in a newspaper I highly respect.