Smart Toybox in Zabavnik

Posted on May 10th, 2016


Politikin Zabavnik is a popular magazine in Serbia, published by Politika Newspapers and Magazines.It’s a magazine that has been going strong since 1939, and had raised generations of geeks of the today’s world and recently our Smart Toybox was featured in a two page article.

– Jelena Petra Marković:

Each Friday morning I would hurry to the store to get the new Zabavnik. I wouldn’t even peek into the comic on the back cover, I would prolong the excitement until I would finally be alone at my room, ready to open the first page. And inside… Inside was a portal to the new wonders and unseen worlds, to magics of science and science fiction, life mysteries, stories from Middle West and from our history and stories from the best writers in the World. I would sit and read for hours, and the only problem was that by the end of the next day, I would be left without a single unread word. I would have to patiently wait for the next Friday.

– Nebojša Sumrak:

From early childhood “Politikin Zabavnik” was my window to interesting, exciting and nerdy worlds. In the time before Internet you could find stuff about space, planets and comets; You could find a range of comics from Disney (one of the first licensors in this part of the Europe) up to the more alternate comics such as “Hägar the Horrible” and “Dennis the Menace”; And, of course, my favorite part, you could find news about upcoming computers and electronic devices.
But the most impressive stuff I’ve seen in “Politikin Zabavnik” in 1980’s was 3D comics. It was packaged with glasses that had red and blue filters, before “Shark 3D” moved equivalent 3D technology into the movies. I immediately teamed with my friend to hack this magnificent tech so we made program on Commodore 64 that drew some shapes with red and blue lines which would magically gain depth of a real world when you put glasses from “Zabavnik”. This brought a “wow” effect with inevitable smile and, of course, admiration of friends and family.
This might even be one of “those” important moments that led me to present day in which I am creating Smart Toybox with my team mates, an innovative device that makes cleaning the room fun, and “Politikin Zabavnik” is writing about it. I hope that some new kids are reading about it as Smart Toybox can inspire them for some big new things they will achieve in the future.

– Vladimir Perić:

“Zabavnik” is a first magazine I had ask my parents to buy to me, and first one I have bought by my self. Trough it I have come in contact with wild beasts of Africa, planets of Solar System… “Zabavnik” was and still is, to this date children’s window to nature science, technology and universe.

– Mina Todorović :

Reading the Zabavnik was somewhat of a rite of passage for me, as it became a family tradition, because it is a magazine that both me, my sister and my dad could read, which is not something one finds very often. It has everything you could need, from comic books, to science, history and real stories. It is a newspaper you get immersed in, and even want to come up for air. That’s why it was amazing seeing a product I feel very passionately about in a newspaper I highly respect.