The Future of Toys

Posted on May 30th, 2016

The toy industry has been long overdue in the tech department. Starting with Furbys, the little robotlike toys that, while being all the rage at the time, had a lot of faults. In the last two decades, smart toys have started developing more and more, becoming a must-have for all parents and kids.


The general misconception about smart toys is the idea that the children who play with them will become smarter. Certain toys can be beneficial for your child and their development, however, that does not make them „smart“, since they do not possess any on-board intelligence. The main feature that sets them apart is on-board intelligence that is integrated into the play experience so that it simulates actual human-like intelligence.

The premise of smart toys is generally the same, where they are meant to enable the child to learn, behave according to a pattern, and alter its actions depending upon the environment and it typically adjusts to the abilities of the player. However, some smart toys interact through playful dialogue, while others simply produce sounds or lights.

The idea behind them is that it makes the toy much more fun and engaging, and adjusts to the child’s development. They can be very beneficial for children of all ages. Toys that make noises and react to your baby’s actions give him a sense of control and develops their manipulation skills and coordination.
A primary, basic toy example of this is a rattle or a squeaking toy that makes a sound when they move or squeeze it.

Naturally many issues arise when smart toys are mentioned, and the very issue of balance. In general it is the concern of over using them, therefore their use should be kept in proportion to other sports and play activities your child engages in. Smart toys also need to be age appropriate, and among other things not be so ever present that it substitutes interaction with parents.

But one must not overlook the advantages these smart toys bring with them, such as the plenty of new possibilities and fun new ways for your child to learn and think, as well as develop healthy habits. Many of the new smart toys are also WiFi connected, so you can easily stay in touch through your phone, whether you are at home or at work.


Playing with smart toys should be a supplement, not a replacement for traditional play activities.