Fun for the Whole Family

Posted on July 28th, 2016

The idea of toys has been unchanged for a while, and that is that toys are a form of entertainment for children, and that’s all. However, more and more, especially with the latest technologies, toys are becoming a source of entertainment for people of all ages!

We believe fun shouldn’t be limited by age, and that with the right mindset, one can make fun of any situation. Our smart features are hard to resist when it comes to playing.

Check out our video to see what we mean:

It’s effortless fun for the whole family.┬áSmart Toybox has a way of calling to play, no matter your age, having not only educational purposes for the younger ones, such as learning left and right, but also making it easy to have family time be that much more fun. The possibilities of making up fun new games, teams and challenges for the family are endless.

Speaking of members of the family, it is no secret that cats love boxes, and everything box related, but the Smart Toybox is like a whole new adventure for them, with all the sounds and toys that accompany the experience. They always seem to manage to find it, and when they do, they could play for hours. Let your feline members of the family have some fun too!

Take Zuko and Sai for example. The Smart Toybox was left at their mercy for only a couple of minutes, but they have certainly managed to make a party out of it. They started jumping in and out of the box just to get the box to “talk”, as well as having an absolute blast when we got some toys and balls in the picture. The struggle was taking the box away from them when it was time to go!


In a world of advancement and diversity, there is truly no need to label things, and that translates to everything you may deem right. Just like we don’t need to label people or colours, toys don’t have to be just for kids if you don’t want them to be. Gamify all aspects of your life, and just like that all the chores and the must-do’s become that much more fun. Ultimately, spreading this idea is what we are all about. Less focusing on the rules, but rather altering things to fit your way of working.

We would love to hear in what other ways do you tend to “gamify” your life to make the most boring of tasks fun!