Startups: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get On Board

Posted on August 16th, 2016

By now, startups have become a household topic, expanding more and more every day. However, people still don’t quite understand what it means to work in a startup company, and why one might choose to work there rather than a big corporation that offers more security.

Here are a few of the reasons we love working in a startup company:


While being a young and a relatively small company, the workings of it are fairly similar to those of big companies. Therefore, the misconception about not having to work as much in a startup company, because of its size, is rather wrong. Precisely because there are not as many people involved, the odds that there isn’t another person with the same skillset as you are rather high.

While this meant a lot more responsibility, it also allows you to explore and dabble in things you didn’t think are your field of expertise, but you find yourself enjoying learning all that new information. At a bigger company, I may not have been given the same opportunity or had an entire company look in on the work that I did. Am I the most important part of the team? Definitely not. But am I a part of a company that matters? For sure. And that’s an empowering place to be.


Working at a startup offers a different type of reward: an incentive-based system that isn’t based on dollars, but rather in skills attained and opportunities seized. The experience outweighs the pay cut. When I first started at Smart Toybox, I practically had nothing to my „writer name“. A few months on, and I’ve already discovered so much, learned so much more about blog writing, and generally been given many more opportunities and trust that I could have hoped for. This convinces me that I’ve had more opportunities to grow as a writer and build toward any future undertaking. I know that if I would have sought out a smaller position at a higher-paying and recognizable company I would still be fetching someone coffee, waiting for my lunch break. No thanks.



Entrepreneurs are defined by seeing a problem and thinking of an innovative and original way of fixing it. Because of this, they are some of the best people to learn from. One can learn a lot from the way they approach things and fix problems, and making most out of their time and work. There isn’t a successful startup without true innovators, and you will learn plenty if you manage to find the right ones.



Because there is only a handful of you working, everything can be talked out, and you never feel weird asking a question.Everyone shares that same contagious drive and desire to make something great, and it is that what makes it all worthwhile.


More often than not you hear that if you work at a big company, chances are that all of your hard work is going to be ignored by the boss or someone else is going to get the credit for your work. But at a startup, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done or to give credit where credit is due.

Hopefully this has shed some light on why startups are awesome, and why people need to pay more attention to them, because they just might be the next Apple or Facebook.