How To Make Your Own Desktop Toybox

Posted on January 26th, 2017

If you have our “Make your own desktop toybox” flyer, from it you can create a small box that you can use for staples, memory cards and all other small office tools. This video will show you how to fold the flyer into a box.

To make desktop toybox you don’t need any tools. However, if you use ruler or any other hard and straight item (book with hard covers can do) to fold the flyer according to schematics printed on it, your desktop toybox will be much nicer, sturdy and robust.

Story of Smart Toybox

Most parents face the same problem: toys all over the floor all around the house. But why?
The reason is that picking up toys is boring to kids. That is why we’ve invented Smart Toybox that makes cleaning up the toys FUN. We didn’t want to create a robot that would just pick up the toys, because we believe it is important to teach children to do this themselves and develop healthy tidiness habits early in life.

Smart Toybox is a toy box that giggles, sings, calls kids to feed it with toys and makes funny sounds when toys are put inside it. It is also Wi-Fi connected so it can easily be customized using mobile device. We know kids get bored by toys very fast, so we made it possible to change or create new games and sound themes and share experience with friends. Also, multiple toy boxes can work together to create different games, such as learning left and right, throwing a ball and similar. This way Smart Toybox can stay fresh and exciting to kids for a long time.